Description of Services: is a service offered to filmmakers of all experience
levels.  No matter your title; director, writer, actor, editor or even producer  If you 
need your feature film “broken down” we can create a budget for you.

We have a team of industry professionals that have worked in various aspects of 
the film business.  Not just at a desk but as decision makers in physical 
production.  Our producers, line producers and assistant directors know the 
numbers, understand what they mean and how it will affect your final 

We take your masterpiece serious and will arm you with the support information 
and documents needed to have conversations about your film. We identify all the 
production elements needed and show you how to take your project to the next 

Breakdown My can customize a schedule and budget for any size 
project. You’ll be able to finally blend the creative with the business and 
ultimately bring your project’s vision to life.   

We offer a fully refundable money back guarantee!

You are 3 Easy Steps Away:
STEP 1:  Schedule a free Consultation
STEP 2: Tell Us About Your Project
Give us an business overview about you film. How many days are you filming, what state, shooting or video or film, etc.  

In 24 hours we will get back to you with an estimated time of completion for delivery of schedule and budget based on your script needs

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?

   There is an introductory rate for script  breakdown 

   which includes a full schedule and budget.              

  Website discount code #W19003911

How long does it take?

   Anywhere from 3-5 days

What’s the process?

  The process is to consult and ask questions in   

   preparation of  a full schedule and a budget.

What is a schedule?

  A Schedule is the document that determines how

  many days your film will shoot. It also determines

  who is need when and which scenes are shot on

  which days.

Can you just do a budget without the schedule?

  No.  It is important to determine how many days you   

  shoot to accurately give estimates.

What computer software do you use?

  EP/ Movie Magic Scheduling and Budget

Who will be reading my script?

  An employee of

Will my material remain confidential?

  Absolutely!  We are bound by a confidentiality  

  agreement with all our clients.   You receive a copy  

  when you register for your consultation.

Should I shoot on film or video?

  That is a choice that is creative.  And based on your


Do you have connection with money people?

That is not the service we provide. 

What are the final deliverables?

  Full Schedule and a full budget

How does the money back guarantee work?

  Simple.  We breakdown the script with a schedule

  and a budget and if you don’t like it. 

What type of payments do you accept?

  All types- cash, cashier’s check, credit cards; Visa,

  MasterCard and American Express

If I had questions who do I contact?

STEP 3: Get Started!

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